The Life Of Brandon Steven

2Brandon Steven was born in 1973. His mother was a school teacher and his father was a business owner. He has two brothers and one sister. Brandon was inspired to start his own business by watching his father. Brandon’s father was a serial entrepreneur. He owned a plumbing company, a snow ski shop and 15 Little Joe’s Car Washes.

Brandon attended Southern Illinois University and graduated in 1995. He started his own telephone-based auto location service after he graduated from college. This business has been very successful. He has been able to provide thousands of cars and jobs with this business.

He also purchased Subaru of Wichita in 2004. Three years later, he purchased Ford Of Augusta. In May 2009, he purchased a small share of Eddy’s Toyota. Not only is Brandon a successful entrepreneur, but he has also committed a lot of time to giving back to the community.

In 2007, Brandon and his brother Stephen started a non-profit organization called Genesis Foundation For Fitness And Tennis. This organization helps young people develop character and self-esteem. It also promotes physical activity.

People who participate in Genesis Foundation For Fitness And Tennis often come from at-risk backgrounds. Students who participate in this program may be eligible for scholarship.

When Brandon is not working or giving back to the community, he is spending time with his children. He is married with six children. Brandon Steven also enjoys playing poker. Additionally, Brandon participates in poker events that raise money for children who are in need. Aces For Kids is one of the many events that Brandon participates in. This program provides math, science and sports for students from low-income families.